Jim Casale is Executive Vice President of Business Development and Client Relations and brings over 25 years of banking/fintech leadership to the firm. As a seasoned executive, he has generated top-line growth through his experience in product management, delivery, and business development.

Jim focuses on challenges faced in the banking industry today, helping financial executives stay ahead and secure solutions for the future. He is especially passionate about emerging payments strategies, not only because of his deep background and knowledge, but his understanding of how crucial a payments strategy can be for business longevity and success. Jim is an advocate for implementing new business models to influence and serve the banking customers of tomorrow.

Jim Casale served in essential roles with multiple industry-leading payment processors. He was instrumental in supporting growth through acquisition and successful integration of acquired company assets to maximize return on investment and bring shareholder value.

Jim Casale connects with industry leaders to gain a micro-perspective of community, mid-tier, and large banking business. His enthusiasm and natural curiosity toward relationship building and bank transformation, drives his passion for helping bank professionals succeed. Jim is devoted to connecting financial executives with subject matter experts who develop strategy and implement improvements based on the needs of the bank.

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