Tery Spataro is Executive Vice President and Director of Innovation for Project Catalyst. Project Catalyst is the innovation and design thinking lab for CCG Catalyst that provides the means for groundbreaking ideas for banks. Tery brings leadership to Project Catalyst to help transform, evolve and innovate mid-tier financial institutions. Tery oversees and shapes the research studies, lab curriculum, the design thinking process and experience that will help financial institutions seeking new ideas and innovation to keep ahead of technological distributions and changes in consumer attitudes towards banking.

Tery is widely known for helping businesses understand the role innovation plays in their brand and with their customers or consumers. Tery is no stranger to technological change; she was part of the first generation digital and technology industry founders who took cold war tools and transformed them into inspiring uses. Throughout her career, Tery helped many well-known brands change from traditional static and standard forms of communication to brands that are engaging and make a connection with their customers and consumers by embracing technology.

Tery held executive positions managing global and national divisions for top advertising agencies, co-founded STIR, one of New York’s first digital marketing and technology firms, and founded 7 businesses.

Over the past several years she lectured at universities and international conferences providing valuable thought leadership and is quoted in books and articles about innovation, business, and marketing.

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