CCG Catalyst will analyze the bank’s infrastructure, applications, processes, service provider relationships, and technology-related staff and management. This includes a review of the institution’s planned and ongoing technology projects and the relative priority, return on investment expectation, and timing of each initiative.

  • Current Strategy and Governance
  • Organizational structure
  • Staffing levels, skill sets and experience of employees within the Technology function
  • Management, operational and reporting processes
  • Contracts and service level agreements with technology service providers including performance levels and customer satisfaction indicators
  • Technology risk management program including an assessment of risk tolerance thresholds
  • Technology budget and expenditures including capital investments
  • Technology infrastructure design, implementation and management
  • Applications portfolio, both in-house and outsourced in terms of feature, function and the technical architecture of systems
  • Technology development and/or acquisition methods and guidelines

CCG Catalyst recommendations are based upon our experience with the industry and a comparison of our findings against peer group analysis and industry best practices. The results of a Technology Assessment serve as a baseline analysis of the overall technology function.

Information technology should improve results. CCG Catalyst helps banks make sure it does. We look at IT issues strategically, in the broader context of our clients’ business. Our experts provide an objective, independent perspective to help banks realize the full potential of their IT resources, investments and assets.

IT Strategy
Technology Strategic Planning
Technology Assessment
IT Performance Improvement
IT Project Effectiveness
Core Vendor Evaluation
Core Contract Negotiation
Core Conversion
IT/Technology Governance
IT Merger & Acquisition
Vendor Management
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