CCG Catalyst Consulting Group continues to acquire Fintech talent with the hiring of Philip Ryan as Director of Communications

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, February 11, 2019: CCG Consulting Group, a leading management consulting firm, has continued to grow and expand its talent into new areas, notably the fintech space. Consulting Magazine recognized the firm in 2018 as one of the nation’s ‘Fastest Growing Firms’, and CCG is living up to its rank with the addition of noted fintech journalist Philip Ryan as the firm’s new Director of Communications.

Mr. Ryan has worked in both financial technology journalism – most recently as Senior Editor of Bank Innovation in New York – and technology, serving as Senior Director of the startup accelerator INV Fintech. He worked as a web developer for several years prior to Bank Innovation and began his career in digital journalism in 1996.
CCG’s areas of focus and knowledge are expanding as the industry it serves transforms. In 2019, the firm will work more with the financial services industry, domestically and internationally, banks, credit unions and specifically with fintech startups, in recognition of the growing importance of these sectors in the overall financial services space.

Mr. Ryan’s recruitment is an important component of CCG Catalyst’s involvement in the fintech space in particular. Financial services are in the throes of transformation, with consolidation at both the bank and vendor level, and fintech companies are playing an increasingly important role in the industry’s transformation. Ryan’s expertise and years of experience working with fintech startups will play an important role in CCG Catalyst’s involvement with these innovative companies.

CCG Catalyst CEO Paul Schaus commented, “Mr. Ryan’s experience will be of great importance to the firm as we expand our work with fintech startups building new solutions in artificial intelligence, mobile onboarding, and digital banking overall. His years of reporting on the latest changes in the industry have given him insights that will serve CCG Catalysts and its clients well.”

Mr. Ryan noted that his desire to join CEO Paul Schaus and the CCG Catalyst team was driven mainly by “the need for banks to adapt to survive in a transforming industry. My work with fintech startups has taught me that banks and startups need to work together to creatively confront the challenges that lie ahead, and we at CCG Catalyst can help.”

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