CCG Catalyst Provides Strategic and Capital Assessment Services to Financial Institutions

By April 13, 2010Press Releases

PHOENIX, Ariz., April 13, 2010 – Phoenix-based CCG Catalyst, a bank consulting firm providing strategic guidance for financial organizations, announced it offers strategic and capital assessment services for financial institutions to better plan long-term strategies and capital levels in the face of an unpredictable and competitive marketplace.

During strategic assessment and planning, CCG Catalyst thoroughly examines the financial institution and its performance, direction, products and services, operations and finances and provides a comprehensive review of the institution’s strategy, which can then be used to set objectives for the future and empower the institution to achieve them.

Capital planning with CCG Catalyst outlines the financial institution’s current capital base, condition and capital sources and assesses credit, market, liquidity, operational, legal and reputational risks. The risk analysis then allows CCG Catalyst to evaluate potential impact to capital and suggest appropriate capital levels to sustain the institution’s unique risk profile.

“In today’s volatile market, financial institutions must evaluate their long-term strategy in order to set realistic goals and capital levels,” said Paul Schaus, president of CCG Catalyst. “Our collective 300 years of experience in the banking and financial industries give us a unique ability to provide an objective and comprehensive assessment to financial institutions so that they can insure themselves against the unexpected and ensure continued growth in the future.”