CCG Catalyst Releases Paper Challenging Industry to Redefine Approach to Strategic Planning

By August 15, 2012Press Releases

Addresses flaws in the way banks strategically plan and how to overcome planning challenges.

PHOENIX, Ariz., Aug. 15, 2012 – Phoenix-based CCG Catalyst, a bank consulting firm providing strategic direction for financial institutions, released to the public its opinion paper, It Don’t Come Easy: Back to Basics With Strategic Planning, which discusses the failure of the banking industry to strategically plan in recent years and offers valuable insight that can help banks better prepare for the future.

The opinion paper discusses the flawed strategic planning banks have executed; analyzes the differences between a plan versus planning; offers advice on how to define, integrate and exploit the strategic planning process; lists key organizational and management capabilities regarding best practices for strategic planning; uncovers methodologies, practices and techniques to contribute to the bank’s overall success and explains the importance of making and implementing a meaningful strategy.

“True strategic planning should be a continuous, disciplined conversation among senior executives, managers and others about the direction of the bank, not an annual ritual or the creation of a single plan developed by a small group of internal staff members,” said Paul Schaus, president of CCG Catalyst. “The CCG Catalyst opinion paper calls for banks to reevaluate the way they strategically plan for upcoming opportunities and identifies new models for banks to develop in order to yield realized results, including better decision-making, better performance and better value for all stakeholders.”

The opinion paper is publicly available on the CCG Catalyst website. To view the entire document, visit