CCG Catalyst Releases White Paper Discussing the Infrastructure Needs of Bank CRM

By October 30, 2012Press Releases

Addresses Key Strategies for Banks to Implement Sound CRM Practices

PHOENIX, Ariz., October 30, 2012 – Phoenix-based CCG Catalyst, a bank consulting firm providing strategic direction for financial institutions, today released its white paper, “Under the Floorboards: The Infrastructure Needs of CRM.”

“While so many banks consider CRM simply as a tool or a technology, we approach customer relationship management from a much more strategic point of view, from defining CRM in banking to privileging it as a core component in the bank’s strategy,” says Lee Kidder, author of the paper and CCG Catalyst’s Group Practice Manager. “While we acknowledge the value of CRM technology, we encourage banks to look beyond the tool and toward the CRM strategy for the bank.”

“As many banks are emerging from the downturn and focusing attention on the top line of profitability, we are seeing that many are returning to the sales and marketing efforts that they suspended or abandoned in 2008 and 2009. CRM is one key piece of driving new sales and marketing,” said Paul Schaus, president of CCG Catalyst.

As CRM re-emerges as a consideration for banks, CCG Catalyst offers assistance to clients who are building or re-building customer-centric strategies.

The white paper is publicly available on the CCG Catalyst website. To view the entire document, visit