Money 2020: Will Third-Party Wallets Make Banks’ Apps Obsolete? Why Banks Need Their Own Mobile Wallets

By November 27, 2015CCG Catalyst, CCG Insights

Just in case you missed Money2020 and the session led by CCG Catalyst President and CEO, Paul Schaus, you can view the entire 50 minute panel discussion Will Third-Party Wallets Make Banks’ Apps Obsolete on YouTube.

Why should you view it?

The overview, Paul Schaus, provides the audience to set the table for this thought-provoking discussion offers CCG Catalyst Pro Group highlights from primary research conducted on bank customer’s mobile wallet needs and preferences.

The topic is well presented and argued from both perspectives by panelists. The panelists include: Chris Ackroyd, Lead Product Strategist, Monitise, Rasha Khayat Angle, Head, Payment Products & Merchant Solutions, Royal Bank of Canada, Mehdi Elhaoussine, Head of Digital Payments, Oberthur Technologies, Tony Sabetti, Mobile NFC Product Manager, CPI Card Group, and Doug Yeager, CEO and Co-Founder, Simply Tapp.

Topic of conversations among panelists delivers important deliberations for banks when considering a bank branded mobile wallet.

  • Several points that banks need to contemplate when entering into the mobile wallet market.
  • Perspective on / from banks use of mobile wallets by customers.
  • Research, theories and experiences on banking customer’s adoption of mobile banking wallets.
  • UX /UI best practices.
  • Arguments on both side of the issue branded wallet versus third party wallet are addressed.

This Money 2020 discussion panel provides an incredible among of educational value and well worth the viewing time from bank decision makers.  The primary research conducted by CCG Catalyst Pro Group, provides insights from 2,000 banking customers’ perspectives on their mobile wallet preference. You may download the entire research report, which has over 40 pages of analysis from 60,000 data points gathered from 2,000 US banking customers on their mobile wallet preference. Age of Mobile Wallets provides banks with valuable information on considering whether to offer a bank branded mobile wallet or third party.