Bill McFarland, an industry savant and Principal at CCG Catalyst, brings more than 35 years of proven leadership skills, with profound intellect and passion for improving the scope of the financial services industry. Bill is responsible for leading tactical consultants through major global engagements.

With advanced executive experience, Bill has compounded significant operational knowledge of bank systems and procedures, and has led high-performance teams through complex projects demanding critical solutions and superior results. The quality, efficiency, productivity, and profitability, Bill offers is unprecedented.

Bill McFarland has negotiated countless contracts and directed over 150 system conversions and consolidations. His ability to prove the most suitable, next best action for a bank, is a second nature process for him. Beyond operations, contracts, and conversions, he has extensive understanding of mergers and acquisitions, information technology, process improvement, profitability enhancement, and organizational development.

His involvement and support, for all layers of banking from community to international banks, is bursting at the seams with success stories and confirmed client satisfaction. Because Bill McFarland is a true thought leader in the industry, he is pursued by numerous publications to provide thoughtful insight on the future of banking.

Specific Expertise Includes

  • Conversions
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Operations
  • Processing Performance

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