Full Report: Millennials and the Future of Banking –
What banks need to know about this digitally precocious generation to prepare for the future of banking

CCG Catalyst Pro Group investigated, examined, and uncovered the attitudes and behaviors of US millennials have with banks to understand the future of banking.

Millennials and the Future of Banking explores the behaviors and attitudes millennials have towards banks and banking, examines their financial needs, based on this research the findings define an image of the future of banking.

During the week of September 20th, 2015, Project Catalyst launched the survey to 14 million people across the US. We received 450 completed surveys from people in 46 US states, who are 18 years old – 35 years old. They answered questions about their banking behaviors, divulge their habits and attitudes towards banks, and provide their point of view on the bank of the future.

The study reveals a thorough and in depth examination and analysis of the banking behavior and future financial product needs of millennials.

The Catalyst Pro Group analyzed and codified 123,726 data points. The full study discusses:

  • Observations on the behaviors and attitudes millennials have towards banks and banking
  • Examination of their financial needs
  • Reflection on millennials’ opinions on the future of banking

Report Contents:

  • Overview – extensive summary of findings.
  • Purpose – defines the reasons and method used in this discovery.
  • Demography – household income, education, career, ethnicity, employment.
  • Millennials’ Behavior with Banking
  • Millennials Thoughts and Stories
  • Banking in the Future
  • Insights and Recommendations
  • Report contains: 35 pages, 8 millennial profile vignettes, 23 graphs and several images

If you have any questions regarding this study or the findings please contact:

Tery Spataro
EVP, Director of Innovation, Project Catalyst
1-800-439-8710 ext. 245

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