Mimi Salcedo of Instnt on Products for the People

Bank-Fintech Fusion Podcast

Mimi Salcedo is cofounder and Chief Product Officer of Instnt, a startup that helps banks onboard more customers quickly, using a single line of code.

“I believe that technology mirrors the people that build it,” says Salcedo, a product veteran. You can see her work all over the fintech landscape, particularly at Simple, where she built several pieces of the legendary challenger bank that launched a thousand imitators.

Salcedo is a believer that innovative products can solve problems that previously prevented many customers from accessing financial services. This is done through the people building those products. “Technology doesn’t solve problems, people solve problems,” Salcedo says.

Because products mirror their creators, it’s important for there to be a link between creators and customers. Salcedo is a firm believer in working with a diverse team, and this was one of the core tenets of Simple as well as Instnt. A diversity of viewpoints helps build products for all kinds of customers.

Listen to Salcedo’s conversation with Bank-Fintech Fusion to hear exactly how fintech products are built, how the product is influenced by the builders, and why that is so important.