Paul Schaus is the President, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of CCG Catalyst. He leads a team of banking subject matter experts spread across North America.

Paul has been a banker, management consultant and strategist for over 30 years, with the majority of his experience coming from various positions within the banking industry. He has advised hundreds of banks and vendors on business and technology strategies. He is a passionate advocate that hope is not a strategy and creating business value through technology. CCG Catalyst has grown significantly over the years. In addition to maintaining the firm’s traditional consulting of business and technologies strategies, Paul has added innovation and emerging bank technologies as a focus consulting differentiator.

Paul is frequently featured as a speaker at industry events, addressing diverse topics such as core systems modernization, innovation, and bank strategies. Paul’s comments on banking and technology topics have appeared in USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, American Banker, Bank Director, Bank Technology News and AP Newswire. He has written numerous columns for publication and maintains an active agenda focused on bank strategies, innovation and the future of banking.

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Paul has been quoted within industry publications such as American Banker, Bank Director, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Bank Technology News, and has spoken at various industry events as an experienced professional speaker.

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